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You love your dog and why not?  Your dog gives you big love so it’s only natural you give it back.  And what’s love?  It’s waking up at the crack of dawn so best friend can stretch those eager, morning legs - or - making sure there’s dinner in that bowl on the floor even after you-know-who has taken countless swipes at yours on the table.


But when the love of your life looks a bit shabby, smells a tad off and can’t find time for that professional primp due to a calendar full of social obligations down at the dog park, it’s hard to be all lovey-dovey.  Which is where Sexy Beast comes in.  Our unisex eau de parfum and ancillary collection will keep yours looking and smelling like a bona fide regular at the swankiest dog spa. After, all, you enjoy the good life. Doesn't your pooch deserve a taste of it, too?

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